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28 Days to Health - Day 25

I wanted to really take time and reflect on this; my most recent cleanse. My last blog entry was after my first week. Remember, when I started I was at 20.1% body fat and was feeling pretty old.  I am writing this after a ski trip I just took over Thanksgiving. If you were counting you might notice I finished the cleanse a few days early. I was supposed to finish day 28 of the 28 Days Cleanse on Tuesday; two days before Thanksgiving, but I decided to end on Saturday the day before I left on our vacation. So technically I only did a 25 day cleanse. I know it was only 3 days short, but I just want to be clear.

So, even cutting the cleanse short I felt terrific! My energy was up, joint pain was almost non-existent and the headaches went away again. I felt so good I wondered why I don’t always eat this way. Then my vacation started. . . . .

We get to the ski village where we are staying and it’s already snowing. It was beautiful but we didn’t want to go out shopping in the cold snow so we decided to walk into the village and find a place to eat. We found a little Pizza shop where they even had Gluten Free Pizza. I could have gotten that, but the family was eating too so we decided on a good old fashioned pizza. What goes good with pizza? Well a nice brewed beer of course. Do you see where this is going? Next to the pizza place was a creperie called Goodies. Wow, they had the best cinnamon rolls, made to order crepes, and about a million flavors of lattes. I was really going to be good. When we went to Goodies the next morning for breakfast I ordered a tea. Well, a Chai Tea Latte. I figured I didn’t have coffee for 25 days, so I thought I would keep the streak going. Wouldn’t you know it; they were out of chai tea. I figured I already had a pizza for dinner; I was ordering one of their crepes; why not try one of their flavored lattes. The rest of the vacation went very similar. I ate way too much gluten, kept the dairy to a minimum, but did have a latte almost every day. I did buy gluten free beer, but may have had a couple eggnog and Southern Comfort drinks during the trip.

So, what did I learn? I learned that the cleanse not only had me feeling great, but it had a hangover effect. By cleaning out my system I was able to tolerate the “bad” stuff much better, and I ate a LOT of “bad” stuff. Remember, this trip is taking place over Thanksgiving. I still felt terrific during most of the trip, but by day seven I started feeling a little achy. My energy was starting to go down and by that night I started getting a headache. Considering what I was eating; I wasn’t doing too bad.

Why did I not feel crappy after my first binge? Normally when I eat badly I have an immediate reaction. I get a headache, feel a little nauseous, or just feel a little achy and lethargic the next day. After cleansing for 25 days I was able to eat and drink pretty bad without the negative effects . . . . . . for a while. Think of your liver, for instance, like a vacuum bag. If you’re vacuuming a pretty clean room, you won’t have to clean the bag for a while. If you vacuum a dirty room, you will have to clean or change the bag more often. In either case, if you just keep using the vacuum without cleaning the bag out, your vacuum will no longer function as it should. Most of us function with a vacuum bag (liver) that is a bit overworked, and doesn’t allow us to function at or near 100%. By cleansing, not only did my body feel and function better; it gave me room to fill up with “dirty” stuff for a longer period of time and still feel good until I “clogged” the bag up again. The main difference is that the liver a living part of us and has the ability to regenerate and clean itself. The problem is that most of us give it more than it can handle. Toxins are everywhere, from the air to the over the counter medications that we take. Throw in a bad diet and we are asking it to perform too much. By cleansing and keeping our bodies cleaner, we allow the liver to do its job more efficiently. This in turn allows us to feel better and function at a higher level. I know I do and I know you will too.

Come and try our 28 day cleanse. I am so confident that you will feel better that if you don’t; I will refund the initial cost of $49. What have you got to lose!

Dr. Heller age 48. Day 25 of 28 Days to Health Cleanse



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