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Chiropractic, The Sooner the Better - Utilizing chiropractic for preconception, pregnancy and child development

A complex, intricate and exacting system lives within each one of us that works in harmony with every cell to allow us to live in and experience the world around us. This system performs thousands of tasks each and every moment with such precision, constantly adapting to our internal and external environment to maintain optimal health and performance. The brain sends and receives signals to and from the body via the spinal cord and the spinal nerves. These messages coordinate every action and function of the body. Any interference to this nerve system can cause a cascade of events that can affect our ability to develop, grow thrive and achieve and maintain health.

During pre-conception, the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and spinal column) must perfectly orchestrate an internal environment that will accommodate the creation and development of a fetus within a mother’s womb. The foundation that is laid through the nervous system during pre-conception dramatically alters the life-long health of her offspring. There have been numerous case studies around the world that have shown the benefits of chiropractic care for infertility. With chiropractic adjustments, a woman’s nervous system is optimized to prepare her body for the successful collaboration of all physiologic elements that are required to conceive a baby.

Pregnancy can place a tremendous amount of stress on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy help to reduce the physical, neurological and emotional stress placed upon the mother and fetus. For a fetus to properly develop, there must be complete communication between all cells and systems of the mother to maintain an environment to allow a fetus to thrive. There also must be adequate space for the developing fetus to grow. A specific chiropractic technique, known as the Webster Technique, is utilized during pregnancy to support and maintain the communication highways between the brain and all of the organs, tissues and cells as well as position the pelvis to accommodate the growing fetus and the birthing process. With the sacrum/pelvis properly aligned, there is a reduction in the likelihood of a difficult labor (dystocia) that may ultimately require medical intervention. Some causes of dystocia are inadequate uterine function and/or pelvic contraction and mal-presentation, i.e. breech presentation, with sacral/pelvic misalignment as a predisposing factor. When neuro-biomechanical function is optimized through the Webster Technique, the result can be decreased labor time, reduced delivery complications and reduced necessity of medical intervention.

The birthing process can be very traumatic not only for the mother, but also the fetus, regardless of the type of birthing process utilized. Dr. Guttman, M.D. assessed 1,000 children shortly after birth and found that 80% of the infants sustained trauma to their cervical spine (neck), resulting in vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignment). These detrimental misalignments of the spinal column cause subsequent stress to the nervous system. Some of the symptomatology resulting from these subluxations can be developmental impairment, respiratory issues, colic, constipation, reflux/GERD, torticollis, lowered resistance to infections, especially of the ears, nose and throat and many others. This state of spinal and neurological dysfunction robs the body of energy that should be used for thinking, metabolizing, digesting, healing and growth. In order for a baby to develop to their greatest potential, there must be 100%, uninterrupted communication from the brain to the body and the body back up to the brain. For the brain to receive proper nourishment, there needs to be dietary sources AND proper movement of the spine to stimulate and develop the different centers of the brain. Gentle chiropractic analyses and techniques are utilized to detect, locate and correct areas of the spinal column that are compromised in order to restore alignment, biomechanics and function.

During the transition of crawling to walking, a child falls on their bottom numerous times resulting in trauma to the spine, pelvis and all related structures. This and other physical micro-traumas along with the vast array of chemical and emotional stressors that children are exposed to on a daily basis place a child’s nervous system at a great disadvantage. Chiropractic adjustments help to reduce the physical and neurological stress load on a child therefore shifting their path toward wellness and away from dis-ease. Children that are under chiropractic care have reported to have fewer illnesses, do better in school and athletics and have fewer injuries than children who are not under chiropractic care.

By assessing, adjusting and maintaining the skeletal and neurologic framework from preconception, through pregnancy and after birth with natural chiropractic care, we are optimizing the growth and development of the nervous system and ultimately the health and performance of an individual throughout their lifetime.

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