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The reason I stick with the paleo lifestyle is because I feel so much better. What you eat is a major part of it but it’s not the only thing. It is also important to get a lot of sleep, expose yourself to the sun, use your mind and get plenty of exercise. Today I am going to talk about ways to have fun while getting your exercise in. Fun will vary from person to person, but it is important to get your body moving. Some may love to run for hours (although this might not be as healthy as you think), a good walk is a great start and a great thing to do on your lunch breaks if you sit for a living. My workouts only last about twenty minutes. They always involve some form of high intensity intervals and either weights or bodyweight lifting exercises. My new favorite is TRX suspension training. You can see an example here. I picked up a set of Gold’s Gym straps at Walmart for about $40.

If you live near the beach you can incorporate activities such as Frisbee, surfing and even paddle boarding as being done by 65 year old Mark Sisson of the Primal Blueprint. Mark has been doing Paleo since the 90's and is a great example of how eating well can transform your life. He has an acronym he throws around. It is LGN. It stands for, "Look Good Naked." I've also heard it used as LBN, "Look Better Naked", but you get the point. He has a good sense of humor and a great life outlook. The key is if you don't enjoy exercising you probably won't do it so find something you enjoy to do. I tend to get bored after a while so I am always looking for something new to do and then cycle through them. Living in Southern California gives us the opportunity to do so many active things. If you have a lot of time get out and ski, hike, run, play basketball or even walk a golf course. If time is short sprint up and down some stairs doing pushups and pull-ups in between sprints. In 10 to 15 minutes you can have the workout of your life. Just get up off the couch and MOVE! Life is short, don't spend it watching other peoples fake lives on TV.

I hope I've at least given you a little motivation to get up and move. Here is a link to another great Paleo recipe to try. Paleo Ginger Chicken Breasts over Green Spinach

Enjoy! and remember LGN

Yours in Health,

Dr. Brian Heller

p.s. Get started by doing the 28 Days to Health Weight Loss Cleanse


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