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Paleo puppies? Heller Chiropractic is going to the dogs!

foodNo, we aren't adjusting animals now, although there are some great veterinary chiropractors. I just wanted to tell you a remarkable thing that happened with one of my dogs. Her name is Krispeez and she is a German Shepherd mix. We don't know what she might be mixed with because we got her from the shelter when she was pretty young, but as you can see from the picture she is mainly German Shepherd.

She is around 9 years old now, and like many German Shepherds, a few months ago she started having some hip issues. It got to the point where she didn't want to stand up at all, and when she did her back leg would shake and tremble.

The first thing we did is start giving her a glucosamine supplement. This seemed to help a little but not enough to get her back up and active. Then my wife and I noticed a new dog food at Sam's Club. Two things caught my eye; Salmon as the main ingredient and Grain Free. Being a paleo promoter myself, and knowing how much better I felt trying to eliminate grains from my diet, we decided to try this food with our dogs.

I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, but after about a month we noticed she not only doesn't shake anymore, but she's up and running around like a puppy again. In fact both our dogs are moving and playing together as if they were puppies.

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