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Welcome 2015!

Welcome to 2015! Wow. Really. 2015. While I wrap my head around that I want to share some more recipes this year. I also want to see if I can inspire you to try things differently this year.

If you are struggling with your weight or health or just want to have more energy, join me in my paleo journey. I am going to post some pictures and stories about people who have changed their lives through diet and exercise. This really isn’t drastic. It can be small changes over time or it can be a complete reset. I really started my journey about 5 years ago when I did my first 28 Days to Health cleanse. I had such amazing results that I started running cleanse classes out of the office. Check out some of the video testimonials here: http://www.hellerchiro.com/28-days/.

Recently I’ve been helping my daughter with her diet after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We started using the Wahls Protocol. (http://terrywahls.com/about-the-wahls-protocol/) At first I did it to support her and set an example. What happened was quite dramatic. Before we started my daughter couldn’t drive due to visual problems and dizziness from the M.S. Within a couple weeks she was back driving to work and taking walks with her co-workers at lunch. For me, well I thought I was a pretty healthy 49 year old, and I was. But after about a month I was down to the weight I was in high school and doing TRX workouts with my younger gymnast daughter. If the lightbulb wasn’t on before, now it was burning bright.

 Dr. Heller age 49, two months into paleo lifestyle. 5'10" 165lbs. Down to 32" waist.

If you are ready to dip your toe in the shallow end of the paleo pool, might I suggest doing the 28 Day Cleanse first. It will teach you some of the principles of the paleo lifestyle while cleansing your liver colon and kidneys at the same time. From there you can try to get deeper into it.

I will try to be better this year in posting paleo recipes I have already tried. I will only post the ones my family and I give a thumbs up to. Please let me know if you try them and share your results on our Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/HellerChiro?ref=bookmarks)

Here is the first recipe of 2015: http://www.paleoplan.com/2009/12-03/garlic-chicken-red-peppers-and-mushroom-sauce/

Have a great 2015!

Dr. Brian Heller

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