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A Testimonial to the Work of Heller Chiropractic in My Life


I started getting migraines when I was twelve. But back then they were few and far between and easily solved by a nap and some Advil. In 2010, just after I graduated high school, it started to change drastically. I began getting them with a frequency that caused me to have to quit my job life guarding. I went to the doctor and they just wanted to put me on medication and I didn’t want to do that. Someone suggested that I go to a chiropractor. I did and he was OK. After seeing him for a while I stopped because I wasn’t super fond of him and my migraines seemed to be better. Throughout college they would come in waves and I started to see another chiropractor but I wasn’t super fond of him either. At this point, neither chiropractor had taken the time to investigate why I was getting the migraines. I eventually stopped seeing him to and used Vicodin when I got my migraines.

In March of 2014 I started getting severe migraines every day. This led me to quitting another job. I went to my general practitioner in May, just before I left on my honeymoon so that I could stock up on medications that would allow me to be functional on my honeymoon in Europe for two weeks. By August of 2014 I was living on Vicodin. I began to see a neurologist. He had me get an MRI and asked me to cut out various food and drink from my diet. Nothing yielded any results. He never listened to how my migraines seem start from neck tension. By October 2014 I was on a daily medication to “break the cycle”. I was on a daily dose of 200 milligrams of Topiramate before the migraines stopped occurring daily. I still got migraines 2-3 times a month. A year later, the end of 2015, I was still on the Topiramte but not only was I still getting migraines but I was also experience numbness and weakness in my right arm. I had always had dizziness associated with my migraines but now the dizziness seemed to be nearly constant. A friend recommended Heller Chiropractic to me. Desperate for help, I made an appointment.

At the first appointment, Dr. Heller sat down with me to find out what had been ailing me and listened to my whole saga. He genuinely listened to me. He was the first of all the doctors and chiropractors to actually listen to my ailments and seem genuinely interested in helping me. He took X-Rays of me standing up and found that my neck was a tragic mess. He finally identified, after five years of pain, what the trigger was. From there we set up a treatment plan. Within a week, my world began to change for the better.

Having stuck with the treatment plans that have been set for me, I have gone from daily migraines, dizziness, arm, and neck pain to living a mostly pain free life. It has been about six months since I started seeing Dr. Heller and Dr. Mitchell. I am off my daily medication, have no dizziness, and know that I need to go in to keep my neck in check. My life is “normal”. I am forever indebted to the kind staff at Heller Chiropractic that have helped me heal and always greet me like an old friend. I know that as long as I continue to use my posture pump and make appointments, I can continue to live almost entirely migraine and pain free.

Thank you Heller Chiropractic.

Emily Broome

March 25, 2016

Neck Adjustment

Dear Dr. Heller,
Thank you for providing me and my family with quality chiropractic care over the last four years.  I would like to provide the following as testimony to others, as I come across many people that could greatly benefit from chiropractic care.

My first visit to the chiropractor came as a result of persisting head aches caused, in part, by sinus pressure and, I'm sure, other causes as well.  Regardless, my decision to explore this avenue of holistic health care with Dr. Heller has paid off, as it not only continues to benefit me, but has also become the norm for my wife and children's way of maintaining their health.

While chiropractic care had become part of my routine, I had not yet realized the full potential chiropractic would come to serve my family.  After struggling with annoying "allergies", we paid several visits with my oldest son to a handful of doctors who all had their own versions of what was ailing him.  After months of guess work and no results, we decided to ask Dr. Heller for his professional advise.  Dr. Heller diagnosed my son's condition and made very moderate adjustments that came to make a very significant improvement in his health.  His condition has become a thing of the past.  Similarly, my youngest daughter's (months old) health also took the same course as my sons.  She had been struggling withear infections since birth. After multiple visits to the regular doctor with minor / temporary results brought by antibiotics, the problem persisted.  After ONE visit to Dr. Heller, that same night, the baby slept through the whole night (after weeks / months of struggling nights).  There was absolutely no doubt that Dr. Heller's therapy made an immediate difference.  It was like night and day.  We look back and are glad and thankful that we chose this route, as drain tubes for her ears were next on the list (according to other doctors).  Her health literally went from poor to excellent overnight and has stayed that way now for close to a year.  On several occasions, when we sense that the kids are going down the sick path, we pay a visit to Dr. Heller and it doesn't fail, they recover rapidly and they sleep well.

Although it took me a while to pay my first visit to the chiropractor, I am not too surprised of the positive results we have experienced, as many other friends and family have experienced the same increase in quality to their health by considering alternative ways to stay healthy, such as chiropractic.

Hugo and Kriston Curiel

Neck Adjustment

Thanks to Dr. Heller...

I was injured last summer while boating up north in the delta. As we were enjoying a boat ride through the delta, a large yacht came by creating a very large wake. The small wake board boat we were in had to power its way over the wave. I was tossed from my seat and with an incredible jolt; I came down on my backside on one of my wooden sandals that was laying upside down on the boat floor. The pain rushed through me instantly and I couldn't catch my breath for what seemed to be forever. When I could finally move and come out of the tucked position, my back was in incredible pain. We still had to take the boat back to the dock. The motion of the boat bouncing on the waves was so painful to my back; I just wanted to stop moving. Once back at the dock I had to make it back to our camp and survive the night in the motor home and the more than 8 hour trip home the next day.

Once home, I immediately contacted Dr. Heller. He took my x-rays and started to work on my back. Within days I started treatments. The first few were pretty tough, my muscles were in knots and seemed to be locked up, but luckily I had no damage to any bones or tendons. After Dr. Heller's treatment plan I was back to normal and was out of pain. It was amazing I truly thought I was going to be in pain forever amazing.

I now make regular visits just to keep everything in line and to visit the staff

They are a great group.

But I'm not finished yet...

The boating incident happened late in the summer and by that time I had gained way too much weight with summer barbeques. I of course tried just about every diet I could think of on my own and was actually gaining more weight. When I was in Dr. Heller's office for one of my treatments, he told me about the diet plan that he was now providing for his patients. It is called Weight Loss for Life. At first I was skeptical once again thinking it was just another diet. But I was desperate. I was at my heaviest and was not seeing any thing else working, so I signed up. The first week I dropped 8 lbs. Well, that was all I needed to stay on it and make it work. Seeing results so soon was what I was looking for. I thought it was an easy diet to stay on. I had plenty of food and saw that extra 20 lbs fall off in just 7 weeks. Of course there is exercise too. But I got together with a friend and we went for walks almost every night... it was easy. Now I maintain my weight loss by eating the way the diet allows to keep it off, and when I have a really bad weekend (as we all do) I simply go back to the first phase of the diet and it comes off pretty easily.

Thanks again Dr. Heller for all your help!!!

Sherry Hayes

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